dwell_well - DEFINING SPACES / by Annabelle Guldner

dwell_well - DEFINING SPACES
I've been looking into room dividers and partition to research for a design for a residence that I'm currently working on. It's one big square-shaped space that encompasses the entry area, dining, living and kitchen. The home was built in the 60's and has a low vaulted ceiling. The openness of the space is its beauty, but everything gets lost, so maintaining the openness while defining spaces and creating the right feel in those spaces is the trick. Partitions and space dividers come in all shapes and forms and they aren't just functional, they provide another layer of texture, depth and color to the space. They can stand alone as an sculptural element or be integrated and become part of the fabric of the space. It's fascinating to see how much impact a translucent partition can have; besides providing some sense of space, privacy and separation, it aims to delineate areas without walls or permanent and obstructive features. The visual connection that lets you guess and imagine what lays behind is the key. The material selection lets you play with different properties; hardness vs softness for example and plays an important role in developing the interior. The lighting conditions that these translucent panels will create are beautiful and yet another layer of to the overall composition of the space. I have been enjoying playing with the options and design solutions for this specific home and am hoping to see it become transformed... 

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