blog #1 / by Annabelle Guldner

we are excited to announce our launch into the world of blogging and share with you our thoughts and mental impressions on this platform. about 3 weeks ago we moved to Colorado Springs from Savannah, GA to start a new chapter with a new climate, astonishing landscapes, and a unique urban fabric. we are so excited to start a career here and introduce our ways of thinking and serving our clients in a new place.  

here we will update you on our thinking process and whatever rocks our boat and occupies our minds. we will share ideas for furniture and living concepts, thoughts on articles and new movements, trends in design, art and fashion and throw in some culinary creations that spark our imagination in all kinds of directions. design is play... and we love to play and be open to whatever comes our way. 

cover pic.jpg

we hope you embark with us on this journey that will lead to diverse discussions, fascinating collaborations and unexpected outcomes. we believe we can make a difference through design...  so let's start playing!