bananas and interior design / by Annabelle Guldner

We first heard of this company through research during my master's degree at SCAD. They make use of the banana tree trunk (which decomposes after giving fruit) and generate beautiful veneer from it. No glues or water is used during the proces which makes it sustainable and eco-friendly. The outcome is gorgeous and a 100% natrual! We love working with materials that have been developed to advocate sustainability and ethical design.

The applications are endless; furniture, wall paneling, ceiling, cabinetry and millwork. FIBandCO is the company that developed this product. Hopefully it will catch on and be more widely used as it dedreases deforestation and promotes green energy. Their carbon footprint is minimized since the factory is located right in the middle of the banana plantations in Martinique, France.

These veneers are versatile and beautiful, not to mention unique! And we can't wait to incorpate them into our next project!