dwell well - keep up with GOOD design / by Annabelle Guldner

The thing to do in 2018 is: get rid of your upper cabinets! But... the question is do you have the capacity in lower cabinets to store all your belongings? Probably not as it is. It all comes down to the design of the storage in your lower cabinets - it boils down to large drawers. No more doors that are hard to access. Okay, maybe you do have to get rid of some duplicates that have been sitting unused in the top of the upper cabinets for years. Let go! See how good it feels and discover how freed up not just your walls are but yourself as well. The large drawer bases are the ideal solution for all your storage needs and access is easy and efficient. Their heavy duty construction allows you to load them up with pots, plates and dishes galore! Kitchens that do not need upper cabinets and therefore have a beautiful airy feel about them, feature only lower drawer bases.

The wall space is freed up for windows, art, or floating shelves, not to mention decorative lighting features. Once you forego undercounter fixtures as task and accent lighting, lighting design becomes fun. Floating shelves should be used wisely, to avoid clutter. Look at the pictures below to see some examples of kitchens without upper cabinets and how they maximize storage in the bases. This development is not just a thing about aesthetics and trends, but a way to make your kitchen work for you, it's all about functionality and ease of use. The atmospheric advantages that come with it are just an extra benefit.

Should you ever miss your upper cabinets (you won't), it's easy to install and add them at a later point. Design is not all about looks and what's new and trendy this year, so you have to redo it next. Good design revolves around the combination of how to make things more functional and user-friendly and create aesthetically pleasing environments (because that's what we as human are drawn to). With technology and new development in construction the possibilities are always evolving and offer a way to make things better for us. With the help of a designer you can pick and choose what works for you. And it'll pay off right away, with the first time in a new space! 

Don't dwell in the past, just because that's how something has been done for years. We are creatures of habit and often it's quicker and easier to just stick with the old... because it's what we know. But as a designer I know how important it is to evolve, because it make a difference - dwell well! The misconception of 'new is always more expensive' is often times just an excuse. It might take a little more effort, and sometimes a leap of faith on the clients side, but that's why there are designers. Good design makes a difference. That's a guarantee. 

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