dwell_well / by Annabelle Guldner

Wouldn't it be nice if your spices were in the exact right location when you cook? Within an arms reach and each and every one accessible and visible? Yes, it would be! Check out another great idea for spice storage in an underused and overlooked space in the kitchen - flush with your backsplash, hidden, no grease and dust layer on your containers and not taking up any valuable counter, drawer or cabinet space. They are right where you need them, when you need them! 

Integrated within the design of the kitchen and planned for ahead of time as a crucial component instead of an afterthought, this spice flip-out, recessed into the wall cavity is unobstructed and accessible. We love this elegant solution of a push-to-open flip-out, customizable in size and location. In this case it is hidden seamlessly within a glass backsplash on either side of the stove. The backsplash can be used for writing on; you can note the spice names on the glass and change it when need-be! Or leave a nice message for a loved one. A glass backsplash is great for durable and cleaning. Have a look at the pictures  of two different design solutions for a common problem in the kitchen! The  touch-to-open flip-out rack and the sliding panels that reveal recessed shelving in the backsplash! Let us know if you agree!