food_play SUMMER FARE IDEAS / by Annabelle Guldner

We tend to be less hungry during the summer days when it's hot outside. But when we are hungry we also prefer lighter fare and foods that doesn't make us feel heavy and bloated. Check out these simple and quick summer foods that will give you energy without filling you up!



Avocado dressing infused with lemon and lime zest on organic greens with dill and blood oranges - A salad is always a winner but so it doesn't get boring be experimental with the salad dressing. and add-ons. Throw in some blood oranges on organic greens and dill et voila!

Mushroom and Brie quiche with nuts enhanced with spelt and almond flour - Quiches are a great way to take in something substantial that is still light and summery. I love to spice it up with different mixes and also throw in some unconventional flours for flavor and nutritional value!

Summer bruschetta - Bruschetta is a classic, but the toppings don't have to be classic. I like using healthy or nut and seed breads and cover them with what I feel like. This one is a salmon and caper bruschetta on cream cheese with red onion. But possibilities are endless and you can always create something new and refreshing!

Bon Apetit! 

Simple - Quick - Easy - Delicious - Healthy!

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