bath_play WALL-HUNG TOILETS - NO-BRAINER / by Annabelle Guldner


Why not have a wall-hung toilet? It's been a regular practice in Germany for  decades and there are numerous advantages:

1. Maintenance; cleaning is easy, sweep under the toilet, wipe over the wall, done! No complicated shapes to wipe because dust get caught everywhere on one piece or two piece toilets. 

2. Aesthetics; wall-hung toilets look great with simple lines due to disguised features and mechanisms, contributing to an overall feel of a pristine bathroom atmosphere. 

3. Durability; you know how many times I have changed or fixed the flushing mechanism on a one or two piece toilet? They break all the time, or don't work right! Mechanisms by Kohler, Duravit or many other companies don't break! They sit inside a wall and do what they are supposed to do. I have never had to fix the flushing mechanism on a wall-hung toilet.

4. Efficiency; two buttons clearly distinguish between two settings, number one and number two... Low flush technology will save you water on either of those settings. If there is only one button, typically the flushing can be stopped midway, as to only use as much water as absolutely needed, also a typically method in Germany and how I grew up.

Overall, for me it's a no-brainer... Yes it's a different technology and a little harder to install and yes, plumbers are going to complain about it, but it's worth it! All that is needed is enough wall cavity (which can be achieved in many different ways!) to install the piece.  Price is a little more expensive as well, but so is almost everything that works better or is made of better technology, looks always come into play too. Once again, that upgrade is worth it, and let's not forget there are very expensive two piece and one pice toilets out there... more than their wall-hung counter parts... but with them the same headaches arise as mentioned above... Like I said; no-brainer!

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