bath_play - BE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL / by Annabelle Guldner

Throw the rule book out! And just because something has been done THAT way forever doesn't mean it's THE way to go. There are no rules when you design a bathroom within a home. There are guidelines and advise but for a great design you need to be open-minded, brave, and jump out of your comfort zone! Extraordinary design never comes from ordinary ideas. 
My 8 drivers for the design process are:
1. budget
2. functionality
3. innovation
4. aesthetics
5. sustainability
6. durability
7. practicality
8. maintenance
Sometimes we don't hit them all, but we prioritize the factors according to each project. Design decisions have to follow a set of guidelines in order to be successful. But they don't exist to dictate, they help to critically assess and inform our decisions based on the best anticipated outcome for any given project. Here are some examples of innovative concepts that disregard the tradition and social norms as we know them and accept them today. 
The sink by Jee-O exposed the piping in elegant stainless steel and double as a towel holder.

We love the simplicity practicality you get from this beautiful double granite sink by LivingRoc. 
The mirror curtain effect created a subtle reference to water and softens the space while extending it visually making it feel much bigger than it actually is.
The floating vanity in the last picture (Source: Home Adore) creates an open and spacious feel. These vanities are especially successful in smaller spaces. They work both in traditional designs as well as contemporary ones. 
There are so many more ideas, trends, and inspiration and it can be overwhelming. All I'm saying it's worth looking into it, get a designer to help you to prioritize and blow you away with a design you didn't expect and a bathroom you love.

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