bath_play - LET THERE BE LIGHT / by Annabelle Guldner

Have a look at this contemporary example of a light filled master bathroom by Matt Gibson Architects in Home Adore magazine. It avoids glare but invites natural in throughout the entire space by applying a beautiful and functional semi transparent window treatment. It's a curtain design which helps to soften a space that is usually dominated by hard surfaces.

Besides the fact that it allows windows along the entire length of the bathroom and thus light in, it provides privacy without feeling closed in. The tub and shower are in its own glass enclosed wet space providing separation but a seamless transition that lends itself to the open, spacious and luxurious bath experience.

Lighting is such an important factor in any interior but especially in the bathroom, so access to natural light and the right kind of artificial lighting to accentuate the mood are vital and make all the difference!

We love this one!

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