dwell_well - STORAGE INNOVATIONS / by Annabelle Guldner


Spice storage is the number 1 issue for clients when it comes to kitchen designs. And there is not a good way to store them yet. We have come up with some concepts for convenient placement, access and sizing. The problem is they take up valuable storage space in drawers and wall cabinets when in fact where we need them is somewhere else entirely. Check out hidden storage concept that offers great ease of access, sufficient space, and endless possibilities when it comes to aesthetics (in this case a blackboard). The solution is a underused and overlooked potential space available in any kitchen; the idea are niches with shelves that sit recessed in the stud cavity of the backsplash (like a medicine cabinet). A sliding panel slides effortlessly in front of the nook without taking any counter space or diminishing any functions. These nooks can be located anywhere in the backsplash depeneding on the clients preference and most efficient location. In this example the spices are in the perfect spot next to the stove and won't collect dust and grease sitting in the open. We love this idea and the resulting design

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