bath_play - WHAT'S YOUR DREAM BATHTUB? / by Annabelle Guldner


Bath tubs are a big discussion point when it comes to the design of the bathroom in a house. What style should it be? Freestanding? What size should it be and what shape? Where should it be placed? Should we do an open concept? Do we even need a tub? Tubs are a hot topic! Most of the time they are rarely used, but when they are it's a treat and a sensual and relaxing experience.... therefore it should be designed in a way to support that. I've witnessed it many times, bath tubs are just added to a bathroom because of resale or because 'well, I guess we should have one, it's common'. But that's so wrong! Bathtubs have been THE tool for personal hygiene in earlier times, and today have moved into a direction that is more luxurious and used for special occasions. So what does that mean? It means that the tub has become an element within a bathroom that remains untouched most of the times, and merely acts as a design element. If you opt for a tub then make it nice and make it worthwhile the occasional occupation... There are so many different choices to be made and materials to think of; from wood to fiberglass, to concrete, to copper and even glass! Yes, they will make an impressions. Here are a few example for different materials and tub placement that do the luxurious concept of taking a bath justice!

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