food_play - WILD COD WITH QUINOA-KALE SALAD / by Annabelle Guldner


Sometimes the easiest things to cook are the most delicious… We are busy people and sometimes get home late and exhausted… Last night was a day like that. A day full of meetings can easily convince you to just get take-out or put a frozen pizza in the oven… But what if you can keep it simple and healthy?!

We had some frozen Cod that we breaded and fried in organic Avocado Oil. The Salad was a mixture of black rice and quinoa, for greens we added Kale, Red Cabbage added a nice crunch… Tomatoes, Almonds and Figs completed the medley, The dressing was sesame oil based with apple cider vinegar, fig butter, some white wine, amino acids and a variety of spices… This dish took us a whole 20 minutes to make…. It was gone and polished off in less than than!