reno_play- tile part 2 by Annabelle Guldner

We are thrilled at how this bathroom is progressing! Look at how all three of these tiles compliment each other so perfectly! Quite impressive!

reno_play- tile part 3 by Annabelle Guldner

This is so exciting! Blue kitchen tile backsplash in herringbone pattern- YES PLEASE!

The wonderful craftsman is Adrian who owns J & A Tile!

construction_play - CABINETS INSTALLATION by Annabelle Guldner

We are so thrilled to see the cabs going in! This is always a big step forward for a client and they can see a transformation! Can’t wait for Friday when the counters are getting measured!

reno_play - WHOPPING TILES by Annabelle Guldner

Here is a peek into our renovation and the progress in the master bath! these tiles are 16 x 32 and 1/2” thick! We love the look of them and they are also going up on the shower walls… this is bound to look impressive!

construction_play - IT'S GOING UP by Annabelle Guldner

Here is an update on the house we designed in Colorado Springs. It’s taking shape and roof trusses are going on tomorrow!! You can recognize the curved wall elements already and the views are phenomenal! We are starting to work on the kitchen and the interior finishes next week!