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design_play- ANGLES IN THE BOX HOME by Annabelle Guldner

check out these 3D photos of one of our most innovative architectural design projects yet! this design is currently under construction and coming to life! can’t wait to show you photos of the finished home!

below are the floor plans. even though the exterior design is kept simple the space planning on the interior showcases angles and interestingly shaped spaces to reflect the vast nature of the landscape and its views where this house will be located. at 1600 SF this home is a perfect example of efficient living.

floor plans for the ANGLES IN A BOX HOME

floor plans for the ANGLES IN A BOX HOME

design_play - LIVE A S.M.A.R.T. LIFE by Annabelle Guldner

These ideas are not new, this TED TALK happened was in 2011. And what has happened? Out footprint has grown even bigger. We have accumulated even more stuff, and spend even more money to store it. Why? Status? Reputation? Fear of missing out? What is it that makes us so eager to live in spaces that account for every occasion that might never actually happen, and ever so willing to spend money on the unknown. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on you and your actual every-day lifestyle? On the things that you DO use every single day. On the quality craftsmanship of finishes. The ethical manufacturing and sourcing of building materials? On features that cut utility costs and reserve energy? On the functionality and efficiency of space?

We can live better on a smaller footprint. But the design has to offer that. Have a look at the 1200 SF home for a retired couple. One level living, a gorgeous kitchen and nice master suite, everything is accessible, everything is designed for how they use their home. And the heart of their home is the kitchen. They are no wasted spaces, no hall ways. Their passion is cooking and entertaining. If you look at this 1200 Sf home can you see how through prioritizing, rationalizing, and analyzing we can arrive at a result that creates a smaller footprint and gives them exactly what they want and need. Why not S.M.A.R.T.?

sensible - multi-generational - analytical - reasonable - thoughtful

lets’s start a conversation and make it important enough to inspire a change within residential design and construction!

smart living JPEG.jpg

reno_play- tile part 2 by Annabelle Guldner

We are thrilled at how this bathroom is progressing! Look at how all three of these tiles compliment each other so perfectly! Quite impressive!

reno_play- tile part 3 by Annabelle Guldner

This is so exciting! Blue kitchen tile backsplash in herringbone pattern- YES PLEASE!

The wonderful craftsman is Adrian who owns J & A Tile!

construction_play - CABINETS INSTALLATION by Annabelle Guldner

We are so thrilled to see the cabs going in! This is always a big step forward for a client and they can see a transformation! Can’t wait for Friday when the counters are getting measured!