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design_play - CONCEPTUAL WALK-THROUGH by Annabelle Guldner

Hotel Lobby Design Concept

The Satellite Hotel gets an interior make-over

The view from the entrance as you enter the lobby

The view from the entrance as you enter the lobby

designATplay presents a interior design concept for the lobby of the Satellite Hotel!

Our presentation to the Satellite hotel was a success and we are so excited to see where it leads! Have a look at our walk through and get a feel for the space and the elements in it.

The concept for this design is based on the iconic shape of the building itself as well as its distinctive multi-directional character. Throughout the space the geometric shapes apparent in the architectural design are integrated and reflected in the layout of the space, built-ins, finishes and interior material selections. The

intention is a classic interior that reflects the time period yet sets a contemporary tone. The dissolved facade on the exterior is mimicked on the inside to create a strong connection to its structure. The relocated reception offers sight lines in all directions with a point of sale for the proposed integrated kiosk. Way-finding and circulation patterns are achieved through a layout that lends itself to an immediate understanding of the space by clearly defined focal areas and elements as orientation points.

A strong emphasis on the number 3 which plays a significant role in the building’s use and architecture informed the design which resulted in a comfortable interior that offers a welcoming and multi-functional space for employees, visitors, and inhabitants; an interior as unique as its architecture.