bath_play ALL IN MARBLE by Annabelle Guldner

Have a look at these bathrooms with marble finishes from top to bottom. It is a classic and elegant look with timeless qualities that keep people drawn to it. The question is how functional is it, especially in bathrooms and kitchens? Natural stone is always harder to keep clean and to maintain than engineered products, so think twice before taking your red wine glass into the bathroom and putting it down next to the bath tub (which let's admit it; we want to do, especially when you have a grand tub to enjoy!) Also for honed and polished marbles which are very common, slippery surfaces can be dangerous.

With the abundance of great porcelain tiles out there mimicking the marble and giving you the natural stone look and finish without the maintenance issues is something to think about. Cost can go into either direction, so it depends on the specific selections. 
The atmosphere in these two bathrooms is hard to beat, one has a very traditional feel with a upscale and grand atmosphere when you walk in, whereas the other maintains the elegance but is more eclectic with clean lines and contemporary touches. Question remains: is it worth to have the marble headaches for its desired atmosphere?

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