bath_play by Annabelle Guldner

Why do we confine ourselves to the bathroom for an sensual and indulging experience like taking a bath…? I want to revisit the open bath concept or at least treating your tub as the transitional space between the serenity of the bedroom and the utilitarian side of the bathroom. Because, well, the bathtub is both! When you take a bath it's rarely for the simple fact of cleanliness and daily routine, no, it's to escape, relax, recharge and heal.

It's the experience of taking a bath that makes us want to take one in the first place. So why not treat it that way and offer the appropriate ambiance, through openness, access to exterior views, and the ability of bathing in style.

The medieval nobles certainly knew how to bath and make it an ritual. The bathtub was brought into the bedroom or other space and often a feast of food, drinks or even company was common for the proper experience! So enjoy a glass of wine, have a place to put it, and relax without being in a confined space that doesn't lend itself to the indulgent and joyful quality you are supposed to experience.