indoor plant

make your home serene by Annabelle Guldner


Kreos Panespol developed this really cool moss for the interior! It is actual moss adhered to a underlayement and made into a panel or entire walls! It's breathable (it's a grass!!!) so beautiful for the indoor air quality. It also functions as a outstanding acoustical softener, which comes in handy in commercial spaces. But even in the home this material is a great option to bring some nature indoors, and create a wonderul realaxing and serene atmosphere, for example in a master bathroom... Its haptic quality softens and enhances any space that benefits from some natural elements. The moss panel come in different colors which means even if your color palette doesn't really call for green tones you can still get the same effect in a more suiting color.  

There is no maintenance involved and it lasts forever... the process of creating this material is eco-friendly and maintains the integrity and qualities of the moss as is exists in nature! The great thing is that moss naturally conforms to any surface... therefore 3-dimensional applications are possible over any shaped base. The design possiblities are endless. The raw moss is derived from the woods in northern Europe. 

This interior material is such a great way to introduce nature indoors and do so in an ethical way. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to incorporate it in a project in the future!

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