design_play - LIVE A S.M.A.R.T LIFE by Annabelle Guldner

Have a look at the video below. It’s a quick 5 minute clip that asks the right questions…

These ideas are not new, this TED TALK happened was in 2011. And what has happened? Out footprint has grown even bigger. We have accumulated even more stuff, and spend even more money to store it. Why? Status? Reputation? Fear of missing out? What is it that makes us so eager to live in spaces that account for every occasion that might never actually happen, and ever so willing to spend money on the unknown. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on you and your actual every-day lifestyle? On the things that you DO use every single day. On the quality craftsmanship of finishes. The ethical manufacturing and sourcing of building materials? On features that cut utility costs and reserve energy? On the functionality and efficiency of space?

We can live better on a smaller footprint. But the design has to offer that. Have a look at the 1200 SF home for a retired couple. One level living, a gorgeous kitchen and nice master suite, everything is accessible, everything is designed for how they use their home. And the heart of their home is the kitchen. They are no wasted spaces, no hall ways. Their passion is cooking and entertaining. If you look at this 1200 Sf home can you see how through prioritizing, rationalizing, and analyzing we can arrive at a result that creates a smaller footprint and gives them exactly what they want and need. Why not S.M.A.R.T.?



The things we become attached to are so ephemeral in comparison to the experiences we want and need to have in our homes. They are what make us happy. The activities within our home and how well they can be acted out is what counts. And bigger spaces are not the solution. Smaller, multi-functional, efficient and SMART spaces are the solution. They are the sustainable solution. S.M.A.R.T. - Small, Multi-functional, Analytical, Rational, Timeless. Live a SMART life and be happy!

If you are interested in talking with us and brainstorm about down sizing and SMART living environments please get in touch with us!

AT_play - STAIR ART by Annabelle Guldner

Our foyer is getting some icing on the cake... We are excited to move forward with the stencil design that is original to the home on the fireplace mantle. After creating a copy of the design we are now getting the template made to apply the stencil to the risers of the stairs. Here is a photoshopped picture of what it will look like! We are excited to see it in reality!

material_play BANANA STYLE by Annabelle Guldner

This is a great sustainable material made from the banana tree trunk. It's a unique veneer developed by FIBandCO to advocate sustainability and ethical design. Made from the banana tree without the use of water or glue, these veneers are versatile and beautiful! They come in big sheets and can be used for many different applications! What a great alternative to wood, which reduces harvesting and as the banana tree is a grass, it's readily renewable! 
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make your home serene by Annabelle Guldner


Kreos Panespol developed this really cool moss for the interior! It is actual moss adhered to a underlayement and made into a panel or entire walls! It's breathable (it's a grass!!!) so beautiful for the indoor air quality. It also functions as a outstanding acoustical softener, which comes in handy in commercial spaces. But even in the home this material is a great option to bring some nature indoors, and create a wonderul realaxing and serene atmosphere, for example in a master bathroom... Its haptic quality softens and enhances any space that benefits from some natural elements. The moss panel come in different colors which means even if your color palette doesn't really call for green tones you can still get the same effect in a more suiting color.  

There is no maintenance involved and it lasts forever... the process of creating this material is eco-friendly and maintains the integrity and qualities of the moss as is exists in nature! The great thing is that moss naturally conforms to any surface... therefore 3-dimensional applications are possible over any shaped base. The design possiblities are endless. The raw moss is derived from the woods in northern Europe. 

This interior material is such a great way to introduce nature indoors and do so in an ethical way. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to incorporate it in a project in the future!

Check out the companys philosophy and find out more about the product at or

bananas and interior design by Annabelle Guldner

We first heard of this company through research during my master's degree at SCAD. They make use of the banana tree trunk (which decomposes after giving fruit) and generate beautiful veneer from it. No glues or water is used during the proces which makes it sustainable and eco-friendly. The outcome is gorgeous and a 100% natrual! We love working with materials that have been developed to advocate sustainability and ethical design.

The applications are endless; furniture, wall paneling, ceiling, cabinetry and millwork. FIBandCO is the company that developed this product. Hopefully it will catch on and be more widely used as it dedreases deforestation and promotes green energy. Their carbon footprint is minimized since the factory is located right in the middle of the banana plantations in Martinique, France.

These veneers are versatile and beautiful, not to mention unique! And we can't wait to incorpate them into our next project!