reno_play - WHOPPING TILES by Annabelle Guldner

Here is a peek into our renovation and the progress in the master bath! these tiles are 16 x 32 and 1/2” thick! We love the look of them and they are also going up on the shower walls… this is bound to look impressive!

design_play - TRANSFORMATION in PROGRESS by Annabelle Guldner

The renovation in the Broadmoor area is in full bloom and we are moving ahead with all our structural modifications! The electrical rough in is almost completed with all new lighting, switch and outlet locations! The plumbing rough is done!

We are super happy with the progress and love seeing this baby develop into something special!

construction_play - DEMO DAY by Annabelle Guldner

renovation in colorado springs

kitchen, master bath and great room remodel

it’s demo day!

We are finally starting on the Broadmoor reno and we couldn't be more excited! This one is going to be quite a transformation and we will be blogging about progress as we go! First day on the job site today! Let's break some stuff!

construction_play - BASEMENT PROGRESS by Annabelle Guldner

At our basement finish project in  Colorado Springs with our great craftsmen; Paul with Paul Pena Painting, and Dustin with Emerald Construction

Have a little walk-through of our progress here, this project is going to be a quick one!

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construction_play - BASEMENT FINISH by Annabelle Guldner

Basement finish in Colorado Springs

Renovation and construction progress

At our basement finish project in  Colorado Springs with our great Electrician Andy, who owns @celticelectric
We are happy we met this guy and can't wait to work with him on many projects to come!

Check out our progress here!

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AT_play - READY FOR THE LAST STEP by Annabelle Guldner

Home renovation and construction

Interior Design and Styling

A foyer renovation and face lift to set a new tone


Our stencil template finally came it. Now I just need to start putting the design on the stair risers and we have our finished foyer ready for pictures! This little template is very delicate due to its design so handling it carefully will be crucial. I believe the outcome will be super cool though and original! 

Our foyer is getting some icing on the cake... We are excited to move forward with the stencil design that is original to the home on the fireplace mantle. After creating a copy of the design we are now getting the template made to apply the stencil to the risers of the stairs. Here is a photoshopped picture of what it will look like! We are excited to see it in reality!


design_play - CONCEPTUAL WALK-THROUGH by Annabelle Guldner

Hotel Lobby Design Concept

The Satellite Hotel gets an interior make-over

The view from the entrance as you enter the lobby

The view from the entrance as you enter the lobby

designATplay presents a interior design concept for the lobby of the Satellite Hotel!

Our presentation to the Satellite hotel was a success and we are so excited to see where it leads! Have a look at our walk through and get a feel for the space and the elements in it.

The concept for this design is based on the iconic shape of the building itself as well as its distinctive multi-directional character. Throughout the space the geometric shapes apparent in the architectural design are integrated and reflected in the layout of the space, built-ins, finishes and interior material selections. The

intention is a classic interior that reflects the time period yet sets a contemporary tone. The dissolved facade on the exterior is mimicked on the inside to create a strong connection to its structure. The relocated reception offers sight lines in all directions with a point of sale for the proposed integrated kiosk. Way-finding and circulation patterns are achieved through a layout that lends itself to an immediate understanding of the space by clearly defined focal areas and elements as orientation points.

A strong emphasis on the number 3 which plays a significant role in the building’s use and architecture informed the design which resulted in a comfortable interior that offers a welcoming and multi-functional space for employees, visitors, and inhabitants; an interior as unique as its architecture.