Interior styling and vignettes by Annabelle Guldner

me_AT_play - Interior styling and vignetting
It's important to create vignettes throughout your home. They are a collection of elements that together create a harmonious picture within a room or an area. The trick is to play around with them, take a picture to look at it and reduce as much as you can. Simplicity is your friend and the fewer you use to create the atmosphere you want, the more powerful the effect. I love that part of the interior design process, the icing on the cake that brings everything together. 
This step is especially essential when in a rental where the floor plan isn't right and the flow just doesn't work. It's amazing how effective and impactful styling can be! However, it is easier said than done, takes a good eye, practice and knowledge of the principles of design. 
Fact is, if you are stuck in a home you don't like, there is a way to transform it without any construction mess and with what you have. To me that's one of the perks and exciting things about design; you work with what you have to create something beautiful, functional and tailored.
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