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you have to be in a state of play to design
— Paula Scher
interior designer  l  architectural designer  l  general contractor

interior designer l architectural designer l general contractor

As a former Fulbright Scholar with a master's degree in interior design from the Savannah College of Art & Design, as well as years of experience working with an renowned architect and builder in Savannah, Georgia, Annabelle loves being involved in the design-build process from beginning to end. That sparked the wish to start a design and construction studio that focuses on remodels and renovations of existing homes and bringing them back to life. Her philosophy rests on the idea that as we evolve, so do our ways of living and our homes need to reflect that transformation in order to be functional and supportive spaces. It's where life happens and everyone deserves to live in sanctuary spaces that act as extensions of ourselves.

Annabelle is an advocate of the idea that less is more. 'The value of things comes from their purpose, their function and their materialistic quality'. That's how she can take pride in the homes they create - design decisions have to unveil the essential and they can't be wasteful. As a multi-tasker Annabelle prides herself in exploring new living concepts, designing multi-functional furniture, and reusing the old for new ideas. Annabelle enjoys playing with innovative materials that contribute to purposeful and unique spaces.

 'design is everywhere. design is creation. it defines us, and there is always opportunity to create and improve. that's the beauty of the profession I chose'. 

commercial general contractor  l  artisan wood worker  l  builder

commercial general contractor l artisan wood worker l builder

If you can imagine it, Tim can make it reality. Having worked in the construction industry since he was 19, Tim has developed a passion for working with wood. The attention to detail when designing and building extends to the whole construction process. His ingenuity and innovative approach allows him to go beyond the traditional measures of a general contractor and come up with unique solutions in the most complicated spaces. This aligns with his philosophy that anything has a way to be built, you just need to figure it out step by step. Since he loves to explore and won't tire until he finds a way to make it happen, Tim has an impressive repertoire of showcases which range from multi-functional furniture pieces to trim work and entire homes. 

Throughout his career tim has developed his knowledge base as a general contractor and quickly realized that it needs to extend to all trades. This manifests in his quality control and oversight. 'In every remodel problems arise, but just as certain as that, there is always a solution'. As a perfectionist, he sees the value in the quality of craftsmanship and materialistic integrity. He constantly evolves and explores new concepts that lend themselves to the improvement and advancement of design solutions. 

'I like to walk into an existing space, look at it and imagine all the changes that could be made to create a whole new feel, and then I get to work and just do it'.

Tim and Annabelle have been working together for years and complete each other on a professional level. 'We want to add value with our designs, only then can we take pride in what we do'. Together they breathe new life into old homes and use existing structures to make them suitable for today's ways of living with a sophisticated and up-to-date aesthetic. 

'When Annabelle has an idea, I think about it, work it over in my head, and we tweak the design until I figure out how to build it and make it happen'.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping a client to manifest their ideas and thoughts, organize and translate them into cutting edge and unique designs and ultimately turn them into reality - a space that connects with them on a subconscious level and supports them in their way of life.