a georgian style family home

this home was designed and constructed during our time at OGLETREE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION where Annabelle worked as an architectural designer and project manager and Tim worked as a supervisor. Annabelle was involved in the design process from start to finish, and the end result was a stunning custom home for a young family of four. while the exterior displays a modest Georgian style, the interior is filled with high end custom finishes, carpentry and millwork exhibiting an extravagant flair. Annabelle enjoyed designing the all wooden office you can see below featuring a hidden cabinet in one of the cypress panels. working with these clients was a pleasure and we were able to deliver their dream home in this 8000 SF dwelling. enjoy a few examples of 13 months of hard work. 


the school-house home

this abode is another custom home that we had the pleasure to be a part of, designed and constructed by OGLETREE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION. Annabelle designed the house with Roy Ogletree who was the general contractor and architect on this project. she was also assistant project manager and involved in the selection process of the interior finishes and specifications. the young family of five envisioned a home with an old school-house appearance and a contemporary feel on the inside. Annabelle was involved in the design of custom built-ins, finishes and carpentry work, as well as overseeing various project phases. the following photographs will give an impression of the high quality finishes and superb craftsmanship that went into the design and construction of this home.