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compact life

just a little bigger than a tiny home, this compact home offers significant flexibility and functionality on a small footprint. our client was looking for a secondary structure on their lot to use for guests or as a rental. who wouldn’t want to stay here?


square footage


main facade

for energy efficiency reasons, the main facade of the structure is almost entirely glass while the remaining three sides are solid walls. overhead glass doors extend the living spaces to the exterior. 

rear facade

materials used on the rear of the structure adds interest while being a functional space to display the house number. this structure creates a barrier to the alley way and parking in the rear while the front opens to the garden and merges the indoors with the outdoors.


first floor plan

the first floor features the kitchen and living area, as well as a bathroom and bedroom.

loft plan

the second floor houses the loft where a second queen sized bed can find a place!

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