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dark and delight

this project was a re-imagining of an existing business in colorado springs. a nighttime restaurant and a daytime cafe, that highlight the contrast between the two in style, food, drink and vibe. 


square footage

piglatin floorplan_Page_02.png

floor plan

the two adjoining locations contrast and complement each other seamlessly. one is muted and dark, and the other is light-filled and bright. the design directly relates to their different uses; the airy cafe for lighter fares, while the restaurant is perfect for evening gatherings.

restaurant interior

the restaurant interior features dark epoxy floors with graffiti marks that bring in splashes of color. the grungy vibe is further explored through features such as rough-sawn wood furniture, swings for fun seating, and street art vignettes.

piglatin int 1.jpg
cafe int 5.jpg

cafe interior

the cafe's interior stands in contrast to the restaurant and is filled with light, muted tones. the large sliding doors offer a connection to the grungy restaurant beyond. this welcoming interior is a daytime space perfect for lounging in a homey environment.

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