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grand gatherings

our clients needed a grand entertainment space that incorporates the interior and exterior. this required a redesign of the entire first floor and a deck addition that would do this grand kitchen justice. this home is truly all about the kitchen.


square footage

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the 12’ long by 6’ wide island has ample work space on three sides while providing enough seating for gathering in the heart of the home. a large and expansive window invites the view of the front range to the inside.


the bar features a multi-sliding window that opens up to the exterior, where seating creates an inside/outside feel. a secondary dishwasher, ice maker, wine cooler, and sink make this bar self-sufficient and appropriate for the size of the space.

view to bar.jpg
before floor plan.jpg

before floor plan

the floor plan before was compartmentalized and featured a small, dysfunctional kitchen.

after floor plan

the floor plan was revamped to offer ample space for gatherings and entertainment with a variety of sitting and lounging possibilities. two doors on either side of the stove connect the outdoors with the interior, creating an easy transition to enjoy nature.

after floor plan.jpg
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