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rise of C.O.A.T.I.

“CO.A.T.I is a nod to Colorado Springs’ rebellious spirit, a call to the lost boys, and an invitation to challenge everything.”


with our first commercial design, we desired to embody the spirit of COATI while paying homage to the historical significance of this building. The exterior facade is the first nod to a nonconformist design that plays with metal to create unique curves, a feature you will notice throughout this gathering space. 


square footage

Copy of front.jpg
front live.jpg

entryway design

entryway completed

the entry is the first impression of CO.A.T.I.. it is very important to nail the aesthetics and we created the design of this custom entryway to reflect what's inside.

the changed final product was constructed by another local builder, but note the pink accents and bold lettering in the entryway.

back wall design

back wall completed

bold pink accents were the focal point of the lounge area. the seating is arranged in fun and stimulating layouts to encourage a great atmosphere.

the final product is very similar to the original vision with bold and geometric seating that

Copy of back wall.jpg
communal seating3 live.jpg
Copy of looking up.jpg
looking up live.jpg

balcony design

balcony completed

the unique second layer that overlooks the first floor can be used for a variety of things from extra seating to a yoga space! the metal structure is one of the first things you see entering CO.A.T.I..

the final result has less greenery than the intended design.

seating design

seating completed

more unique seating in the rear of the building looks directly at the proposed bar in the back.

the eclectic and complimentary layout creates a great contrast to the neon signs and organics scattered across the brick building. we were  happy to bring our design to such a cool historic piece of local culture!

Copy of looking at back bar.jpg
looking at back bar live.jpg
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