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this home design seeks to reflect the complex landscape of its surroundings. standing in stark contrast to the more ordinary neighboring properties, this home is bound to make a lasting impression while perfectly meeting our client's needs



the front of the home features a 4’ wide by 8’ high walnut pivot door with an extended roof above that is braced by three massive steel beams.


square footage


this side shows the most dramatic triangular shapes and features large glass walls to invite the outside in. the deck wraps around two sides of the home with a glass railing to not obscure the view.

lacasse_first floor plan.jpg

first floor plan

three components come together to create the first-floor plan. the front element houses the gathering spaces, while the owner's and kid’s bedrooms are located in the rear, and the garage is housed in the structure to the side.

basement plan

the basement plan has additional bedrooms, a bathroom, an office, and a workout area complete with an indoor pool!

lacasse_basement floor plan.jpg
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