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triptych peaks

our client was looking for an impressive and unique compound of structures for varying functions. three differently sized A-frames are connected by breezeways giving this structure a unique design. the smallest A-frame, which houses an office and a bathroom, is connected to the main A-frame by a vast glazed corridor. the main gathering spaces are found in the center structure and include two guest bedrooms, a guest bath, and a third-floor sleeping loft. the final A-frame structure houses the open concept owner's suite. form and functionality come together in this one-of-a-kind modern farmhouse.


main A-frame

the rear facades of the main A-frame and the owner's A-frame are almost entirely made of glass to invite the majestic views of the colorado mountain landscape into the indoor living experience.


square footage

master A-frame

the front facades of these A-frames are juxtaposed with the openness of the rear but still maintain a modern aesthetic. the main A-frame features a contemporary take on a traditional portico as it mirrors the iconic A-frame shape.

BECKER_1st floor plan.jpg

first floor plan

 the first floor shows the organization and separation of the A-frame by connecting elements to separate functions and creating the illusion of separate structures.

second floor plan

an open to below gallery on the second floor emphasizes the dramatic height and steep ceilings while offering a full view of the mountainous landscape. two modestly sized bedrooms are located toward the front of the structure, complete with a guest bathroom.

BECKER_2nd floor plan.jpg
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